Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's just like a sweet dream-

just came back from nepal last night;
interesting and adventurous trip,
leg hurts now after 11 days of walking :\

proper update after i get all the pictures done.

Monday, November 10, 2008

cameron highland.

weekend was spent at cameron highland with friends from ldc. the weather up there was good, windows were down most of the time to enjoy the breeze; and also there's the smelly fertilizer smell too :\

it was raining cats and dogs on the first day, so we basically stay in the apartment to watch tv and chat. then i got my hand on the camera, taking random shots (don't mind the noobness)
steamboat for dinner.
night market with yummy sweet potato balls, fried mushrooms & chocolate coated strawberries.
monopoly until 2 ish, with kor earning lots of monopoly money $$, leaving me, suemay and ying bankrupt.
i want the world edition monopoly (:

next morning, after breakfast, we headed off for Healthy Strawberry Farm to get strawberries and had a taste on the strawberry ice lollies, sweet nice and cheap.

pitcher plant; zhu long caoclassic;kenn's;
love-shaped bamboo
visit to a temple.
cute buddha;
morning market.
rose for grandma.
we went for the tea plantation. nice landscape there, they have nice masala tea, i like (: i went 3/4 up the tea hill, but decided to come down, as i have some sort of slope phobia, the slope went stipper, i thought to go up again and figure a way to come down later, but chicken insisted that he leave me up there alone while the others are down there.

tea plantation;
2 days of enjoyment;


Friday, October 31, 2008

exam is already half way through, and not even a paper seems perfectly fine. smile was on the face when the first page was done, then came the second page, the mind went, dang.

staying up late night these days was quite freakkyy.
kittens meeeooooowed so loud at the back lane, which reminds me of the black cat from ju-on.
then from no where, some girls screamed and then a bike sped along the road.
worse, there was someone mourning "YOOOUUU" across the road. minutes later, ying came up and started telling stories which would bring nightmare.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

sweet sixteen

happy birthday;
7th of october

rachel's birthday; a little surprise for her during chemistry tuition.

15th of october

melanie's birthday; swensons, ss2 park.

mel and i went to check out the gallery which just opened months ago. the interior design was really pretty with lots and lots of paintings, statues etc (: perfect place to purchase decorations.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And anyway, look at me. Nothing bad's gonna happen. You gotta have a little faith. -august rush-

Saturday, September 6, 2008

in a blink of an eye

time does past fast, it's september now. exam is coming up in 1 month time.and a teacher once mentioned, "time will past even faster when you reach form 5" uhh.

8 months of 2008 have been filled with pretty much ups and downs, in fact more than the past few years,
nonetheless i would say it's a pretty good one.

at times,
when we felt intimidated;
we wished that every moment just past,
as fast as it could.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leo Orientation Camp

& it ended up pretty fun.

together we rock; together we roar; together we've got something more; because we are hardcore!

jasmine was wondering, why did she even sign up for camp.

woke up as early as 5.45am just to pack and rush rush rush. mel came around 8.30am to pick me then cheeken and off we headed for yuk chai. registered and was placed in room G1 with yi lin, li ann, lisa & melanie. later then, we had to get into our own team which i was in tea
m 4 with lisa, yeezhian, daniel, samantha, grace, wenyuin, dash, debbie and a tp girl.

soon after, some ice-breaking activities started.
lion clayton's betrayer game
samantha, the chick you drew was really cute (:
at night, we had treasure hunt.

half of the team member had to be blindfolded,
the other half had to be handcuffed at the back.

talks talks & talks& games.

we had to balance 10 nails on one nail.

fellowship night

"there's no electricity"
15minutes later
"wake up, wake up, emergency, short circuit"

then we were blindfolded and made to walk for 1 hour.
later, we gathered at the basketball court to see stars, mhmm.

taman s.e.a
ex-puaychai students

with much love.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

short update:

i'm currently so stuck with all the homeworks that are supposed to be done during the holidays.
i'm like some nerd who is facing the table and books almost every single minute in school, trying to finish the homeworks that are just given by teacher so i will have time to finish those long due tuition works at home ):

some merdeka programme this thursday at gombak.
Leo Orientation Camp coming up this weekend.

time to sleep.

a long update after camp.

love much.

Monday, August 11, 2008

monday is always one tiring day, i have no idea why. the mind just doesn't seem to want to work, the body is just to lazy to move around except a few stretch to wake myself up ):

Saturday, August 2, 2008

sleepy. my brain and mouth was half dead, it just didn't want to think and open. went for interact installation with meiyi and rachel.

and cheered for them *points down*
xin hui, secretary.
sasvin, membership director. taken during leo installation.
the librarian duty buddy; genious fellar;
he is hilarious lar.

weehan. pork satay from malacca! haha.

& also to see suetyi perform (:

meiyi, common thing eh, haha.

came home & tidur. skipped english tuition to buy things and cut my hair.
i'm not going to complain about my hair again, as
the guy didnt cut my fringe too short :D

leo installation
theme: big hearts big dreams.
maywen. half of the heart was cut off ):


anyway, it was sisters day yesterday.
you know, no matter how much i always say i hate you;
but deep down, i dont.
and i know you love me too, haha.
thank you for cooking supper for me
and i'm so sorry for not washing the dishes :\
you're making me fat, if you realise (:


last month, it was grandpa's birthday.
the very loving couple

grandpa and grandma, ying and kor.

yi lin.
cousin clement chua with his retarded face and ying.
cousin clarence chua.uncle .kor, daddy and ying.

this dog, it has been at the back alley since i was young, really young.
minutes were spent there, just to stare and look at the dog,
it stares back with a pity look.
i always want to touch and pet it on its head,
but i didnt.

last month, i went to my grandpa's house in the morning. i had nothing better to do and so i just went to the back, and saw this dog, it still look perfectly fine, just that it has grew older and weaker.