Tuesday, August 26, 2008

short update:

i'm currently so stuck with all the homeworks that are supposed to be done during the holidays.
i'm like some nerd who is facing the table and books almost every single minute in school, trying to finish the homeworks that are just given by teacher so i will have time to finish those long due tuition works at home ):

some merdeka programme this thursday at gombak.
Leo Orientation Camp coming up this weekend.

time to sleep.

a long update after camp.

love much.

Monday, August 11, 2008

monday is always one tiring day, i have no idea why. the mind just doesn't seem to want to work, the body is just to lazy to move around except a few stretch to wake myself up ):

Saturday, August 2, 2008

sleepy. my brain and mouth was half dead, it just didn't want to think and open. went for interact installation with meiyi and rachel.

and cheered for them *points down*
xin hui, secretary.
sasvin, membership director. taken during leo installation.
the librarian duty buddy; genious fellar;
he is hilarious lar.

weehan. pork satay from malacca! haha.

& also to see suetyi perform (:

meiyi, common thing eh, haha.

came home & tidur. skipped english tuition to buy things and cut my hair.
i'm not going to complain about my hair again, as
the guy didnt cut my fringe too short :D

leo installation
theme: big hearts big dreams.
maywen. half of the heart was cut off ):


anyway, it was sisters day yesterday.
you know, no matter how much i always say i hate you;
but deep down, i dont.
and i know you love me too, haha.
thank you for cooking supper for me
and i'm so sorry for not washing the dishes :\
you're making me fat, if you realise (:


last month, it was grandpa's birthday.
the very loving couple

grandpa and grandma, ying and kor.

yi lin.
cousin clement chua with his retarded face and ying.
cousin clarence chua.uncle .kor, daddy and ying.

this dog, it has been at the back alley since i was young, really young.
minutes were spent there, just to stare and look at the dog,
it stares back with a pity look.
i always want to touch and pet it on its head,
but i didnt.

last month, i went to my grandpa's house in the morning. i had nothing better to do and so i just went to the back, and saw this dog, it still look perfectly fine, just that it has grew older and weaker.