Tuesday, July 29, 2008


it's soon to be august, 10 more days to olympic, that small little corner of star newspaper always remind me how fast time flies in a blink of an eye
suemeng, hey, just a little reminder for you, your spm is like in umm, less than 4 months (:

leo installation has ended.
no more hassle calling people, especially mr.chongsheng who in total used up 1 hour of my precious time, at least it's pretty worth it, since many think your dance is damn awesome.

babysitting is very very boring. finally, i get my chance to carry a little baby, after 16years2months28days of being labelled as a rather clumsy girl and not being trusted for being able to carry a baby
mind you, i didn't drop my baby cousin, hee.

many things to catch up on. i'm really looking forward to watching dark knight and kungfu panda, and mega sales is coming up!

till then, much love.

everything can be neutral, like distilled water.
it's perfectly fine if you don't like something
but at the same time don't dislike it.

Friday, July 25, 2008


i was viewing through pictures that were taken, and this one *point down* caught my attention.

she giggles so much.

"germaineeeeeee....hahaha (:"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

take out cheese chicken frankfurters and leave in on the microwave tray.
'what are you doing?'
'err, i'm going to cook it la'
kor gives weird stare :\
'it's so simple, just leave it in the microwave and turn that timer thing'
gives weirder stare

hee(: i'm half weird.

i almost fell down from the stairs again :\ for the 10th times if i'm not mistaken.
The image “http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd317/williamrhyme/broken-leg.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
i hope i won't end up like this one day.

You got me trippin oh, stumbling oh, flippin oh, fumbling oh
Clumsy cuz I'm fallin in love, in love

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

only if it's one week earlier.

sitting on the sofa, staring at the air, wondering about what would happened the next second.

suddenly, mommy told me
' hey, this morning someone from the lion club called up..' it's about the youth exchange thing.
'huh? *blank stare* oh yea, i remember. when is it? :D'
'oh, they said something about hosting from xxx to xxx. but well, i told them we're going overseas, so we can't. she said probably arrange another one at end of the year'
'oh crap, wait, aren't we going away on december too? mommy, are you sure? i thought it's around july and august since they wrote july/august'


i'm tired, good night.

much love (:

anyway, after sending an email to Mr. Ng.
i'm finally done with the name tags and name cards, yayy(:
i'm sorry If the name tags and name cards turn out ugly or too plain, i'm really sorry.

oh by the way, Mr. Ng is one quite friendly and funny person. he was entertained by someone's joke, right pauling? FocusFocusFocus. :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


the emergency siren liked alarm clock rang and woke me up as early as 4.30p.m.
then i went to finish up my addmaths and mod maths homework (sound like a freak, i know :\)
then i came online to email mr ng about some leo name tag thing. he was somehow very happy yesterday and decided to give us discounts, mhmmm (:
and here i am, eating pulut hitam and blogging.

bye(: time to bath and get ready for school!

there's freaking pjk today ): bahhh!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i think i'm having insomnia after all those late night stay ups. it's freaking 3.46a.m & i'm not yawning at all, my eyes aren't pain neither is my head after staring at the computer for more than 3 hours.

okay, i just yawned.

daughtry concert is an invite-only party ): and you will be invited by buying one of the selected SE phones ): ): ): how pathetic.
finally, moral project is done.