Sunday, June 7, 2009

it's not another ordinary day

07/06/2009, a day to remember

in life, things just come clashing,
right now, we may think something is important &
the next moment, we realize there are more&more important matters;
we just have to learn to choose one,
& pray that the choice we made is right,
that things will go well;

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

how do you break free without breaking apart?

hello :) although it's one busy holiday, i still (FINALLY) got my chance to watch revolutionary road, i really like the ending of the film despite a sad one. i find romance story really heart captivating & i guess that's why i also want to land my feet on india to visit taj mahal, to witness the beauty of love mumtaz mahal had for his wife and also the craftmanship.

i'm yet to post about the 6 months ago nepal trip :)

this is stupid, i have no idea how to upload a video on blogger :\ but anyway view this;
Lost Generation