Tuesday, May 27, 2008

after hours of chitchatting (: ;
thinking of freaky scary stuff,
while others were sleeping;
i finally had an approximately one hour of sleep,

a sleep that wasn't peaceful and comfortable,
i felt so awake that nothing can put me to sleep,
illusions were floating around the mind
and i just felt intimidated, filled with fear to sleep,
time to get back the sleep that were sacrificed.

it's 6.25p.m,
time to sleep comfortably (:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

what if i meet leeches? ):

Friday, May 23, 2008

mommy: i thought you want to keep your fringe long?
me: mmmhmmm ): yeaaa. i told the person to cut a little LITTLE bit only and this is what it turns out to be, i look so weird *screeammmss*
mommy: *giggles* no you don't, it's okay lar. you shouldn't have told him to cut even a bit, then they will just trim it, when you tell them to cut a bit, that's what they do, they cut off your fringe. nevermind, you look more energetic now, like a small kid.
me: :\:\ more like a retard i think. i thought cutting a little bit makes no difference with trimming? arrghhhhhhh.
ying: shuttt uppp, HAHAHHAHAHA!

i look like a big retard now :\ gaaaah.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

hello (:

exams were pretty much pissifying ): i don't know how on earth to do physics and add maths :| i won't be surprise to get back a Fantastic mark.

i haven't been sleeping alot (: after all, there's better thing to be done :D

& jason mraz-i'm yours is super awesome. and of course chris brown-with you too (:

fritzl is an incest addict, ): , poor girl.

my internet connection has been really bad, pfft, bahbahbahhh.

;then i always wonder,
what will it be like, if
you've never stepped in to my life,
what will it be like, if
the words typed couldn't be sent.
what will it be like, if
i've never tried risking such thing.

after all, i'm a big liar,
only for this particular thing.