Wednesday, April 30, 2008

happy birthday justin *hugs*, you're like really really old now!

mid-term exam is starting next week. the exam phobia has not hit me, that's why i haven't started studying or revising, instead, i lie on the floor for 2 hours reading seventeen and listening to songs.

& i can predict that i will be studying 24/7 like a nerd starting next week till the last day of exam :\

rachel, pauling, me, cherissa, li ann and melanie finished up 16 scoops of ice-cream in 14 minutes (: mmmmm, yuuummmmm (:

gasp gasp gasp, OMG,
little one out there...

p/s: cherry, thank you so much for the adorable&lovely pillow with roses on it. another pillow is added on my bed, yayy! just to let you know, i really really love pillows (: anyway, good luck in exam (: you will do good aight?

good luck everyone.

hours to sixteen (:

love much;

Saturday, April 26, 2008

celine tan (:

so holy





























the last fews were definitely not under my consideration (:

Friday, April 18, 2008

i've been taking 6 meals per day for this week. how amazing huh? (:
breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime, dinner, supper.
it's the only thing i would do when i had to stay up to finish up my homework in the afternoon and the few hours of midnight.

& the world seems to be upside down every moment.
like how one soul is living two different life.
one person living in split personality
and when you think back of what you did,
you actually aren't sure what you have done,
and when you're doing something,
you knew, that wasn't you,
but things have somehow found it's way
and appeared so naturally,
at times, you felt really sorry because thing weren't meant to be so.

everything went out of control,
even at times, i live like a weirdo
who don't even know who i am.

sometimes so bimbotic,
sometimes so rude,
sometimes so childish,
sometimes so nice&sweet,
sometimes like a meanie,
sometimes when you love to lend a hand to people
and at times being someone who just tried to ignore everyone
and live in a dark quiet world.

how you always try to fit in,
but ended up changing things worse than before.

it's pretty much scary in a way,
when you realised, you are not living a life of yours.

i can't wait for the holidays to come,
where you can leave for other places,
sit back on the aeroplane
give out a big sigh,
and enjoy the beautiful scenery,

i remember how i startled when i first saw sunset on the aeroplane;
and it's undescribeable..

i've waited so long for this day. my piggy bank is added with rm40, gasp (:

okay, we do look alike, teehee.

Friday, April 11, 2008

it's finally, friday. the time where i can lay back on the chair, and let out a sigh as a relief.

'mommy, i'm not sleeping in my room until i have time to actually clean it'
'i think there's beg bug on my bed, i don't want to get another red spot on my face ):'
so i ended up sleeping on the sofa in the living room for 4 days.

& our class won win, lose or draw :D pauling, rachel, xinhui, jasmine.

& the banner which pauling,melanie,rachel,melinda and i made was supposed to be sexy didn't turn out sexy :\
aren't we supposed to be inspired by adriana lima? (:
weehan&hanwei was probably turned on by her, naught naughty.
though, it's not the best, we're pretty satisfied.
& it's an effort worth put in, a work worth done
since we can't actually make it for the blind leading blind
to actually support the blinds.

i see no shopping moments for this weekend,
at least, i know i get to meet them whom i have not met
for a long long time
this weekend.
&that's why, i can't make it for blind leading blind ):


When babies look beyond you and giggle.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mmhmmmm (:

every morning, i wish that i will just faint and have a reason to not go to school for few days and also get to lie on the bed for hours and hours (: waking up as early as 6.40a.m is so suffering.

& every morning, my heart will whisper to me "sleep early tonight, jasmine" but i ended up sleeping at 1a.m

(: nights.