Monday, November 10, 2008

cameron highland.

weekend was spent at cameron highland with friends from ldc. the weather up there was good, windows were down most of the time to enjoy the breeze; and also there's the smelly fertilizer smell too :\

it was raining cats and dogs on the first day, so we basically stay in the apartment to watch tv and chat. then i got my hand on the camera, taking random shots (don't mind the noobness)
steamboat for dinner.
night market with yummy sweet potato balls, fried mushrooms & chocolate coated strawberries.
monopoly until 2 ish, with kor earning lots of monopoly money $$, leaving me, suemay and ying bankrupt.
i want the world edition monopoly (:

next morning, after breakfast, we headed off for Healthy Strawberry Farm to get strawberries and had a taste on the strawberry ice lollies, sweet nice and cheap.

pitcher plant; zhu long caoclassic;kenn's;
love-shaped bamboo
visit to a temple.
cute buddha;
morning market.
rose for grandma.
we went for the tea plantation. nice landscape there, they have nice masala tea, i like (: i went 3/4 up the tea hill, but decided to come down, as i have some sort of slope phobia, the slope went stipper, i thought to go up again and figure a way to come down later, but chicken insisted that he leave me up there alone while the others are down there.

tea plantation;
2 days of enjoyment;