Friday, October 31, 2008

exam is already half way through, and not even a paper seems perfectly fine. smile was on the face when the first page was done, then came the second page, the mind went, dang.

staying up late night these days was quite freakkyy.
kittens meeeooooowed so loud at the back lane, which reminds me of the black cat from ju-on.
then from no where, some girls screamed and then a bike sped along the road.
worse, there was someone mourning "YOOOUUU" across the road. minutes later, ying came up and started telling stories which would bring nightmare.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

sweet sixteen

happy birthday;
7th of october

rachel's birthday; a little surprise for her during chemistry tuition.

15th of october

melanie's birthday; swensons, ss2 park.

mel and i went to check out the gallery which just opened months ago. the interior design was really pretty with lots and lots of paintings, statues etc (: perfect place to purchase decorations.